Tremayne Many-Arrows

One third of the tripartite aspect of AO


Tremayne Many-Arrows is one aspect of the overgod Ao. As a mortal he was a half-orc sorcerer, and still chooses to manifest in this manner. He is usually overweight, and dressed in dark robes. He carries a staff, and often has his familiar within his robes. He is jolly, reckless, and enamoured of power, but often happy to cause chaos.


Tremayne left his tribe at a young age, in order to see the world and test his newfound sorcerous abilities. His notable adventures included an escape from Ravenloft, and creating a magical void in the Dark Sun realm by absorbing the weave of magic there. He remains incredibly attached to Ronald Weaselly, his familiar, who has been raised to the status of God of Rodents. His relationship with the other two aspects of the overgod Ao (The Dark Druid and the Warrior of Rage) is strained, based on Tremayne’s continued meddling in mortal affairs.

Tremayne Many-Arrows

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