The Third Age of Vecna

Previously in "The Third Age"...
This stub covers adventures up to the journey to Sigil.

The party is comprised of Luanna, Orym, Sticks and Zinneran.

Whilst travelling in a caravan with Gorban, a dwarf caravaneer, the players were implored to assist the town of Weylan, which wass about to come under attack from goblins. The players were impressed by Hugan, the Sheriff of Weylan, and fought a group of goblins flannking the main force. The captured and tortured one goblin,Barghum the 7 Fingered. He gave them 2 names: Vecna and Jograna. They acquired Deputy’s badges, and a bottle of Khelben Red each.

The players travelled to Waterdeep. They did not buy a magical trinket from the one eyed beggar at the gates. They din’t even ask his name. Sticks attempted to follow him, and got lightning bolted.They stayed at the Miller’s Tale. They enquired of Kel, Lord Thann’s butler as to his whereabouts. Kel told them to meet Lord Thann (one of the lords of waterdeep) at the Harvest Fair. They enquired of Pieron Kao, Lord Lightbringer’s aasimar butler. He told them the same. At this time, Luana acquired Bones, a pseudodragon familiar from the Archfey. And Zinn acquired Snowprint (snowy) A wolf companion. They went to a brothel. Orym acquired a Calimshanian Medal of Honour.

The players befriended Lord Ortega of Neverwinter and his squire, Macavoy. They had a drunken night together. They dicovered later that Lord Ortega is in fact a werewolf, and having an affair with Lady Amelda Monthaven.

On the way to the fair, the players were attacked by Vecna cultists.The players gambled on Ortega in the joust. He lost. They gambled on Zinn in the archery contest. She lost. They spoke with Lords Thann and Lightbringer, who told them the story of Vecna’s defeat at the hands of Hadrass Lightbringer, Mrs Underhill, Miguel Rodriguez and , and Hadrass’s final belief: That Vecna was a weapon, created by SpellJammers called the Lords of Gallifrey. There is no proof of this.

The players attempted to research the matter but found very little (aside from the history of Jograna, a disciple of Vecna). They tried to join the adventurer’s guild, opting to complete 3 tasks at low payment instead of paying the sign up fee of 1500gp. They charmed the receptionist, Zook ‘Ku’ Murnig. Sticks began sleeping with Lureene Miller. They accepted a job to investigate the caves wherein the goblins were lairing. Orym received a visit from a drow, telling him that a red shard was in the caves.

The players travelled to Weylan en route to the caves. They had a pleasant lunch with the Golden Sisters. They could tell that there was some sort of illusion magic being used, but could not dispel it. In Weylan, there were statues being built of them. They journeyed on. In the morning, they discovered a severed hand with an eye in the palm hanging from a nearby tree. They didn’t even look for tracks.

They entered the caves. They killed the goblins playing cards, and then found the room where Jograna and her apprentice were casting a ritual. They bluffed their way into the ritual before being discovered. Combat ensued. Jograna eventually killed herself with a fireball dropped at her feet. They took the red shard, and left ahead of the Goblin reinforcements. They didn’t even loot the bodies.

They hopped on their crappy horses (Bob, Patsy, Nagina and Horse) and rode off. They were intercepted by Enrique Sanchez the 9th, a bandit. They bribed him to let them go, even although he had been paid to take the red shard from them. He told them to look for a smelly man in a midnight blue cloak at a particular tavern (Darvin Falone). They returned to Waterdeep. As they arrived, Lord Ortega was leaving the city to return to Neverwinter. He offered to buy any artifacts they acquire for 5000gp each, no questions asked. He directed them to “Tremayne’s Alchemy” to get a valuation on items they had found.

Lord Thann tried to scry the severed hand. It blinded people temporarily and left him with a name: Tremayne. Sticks broke up with Lureene.

The players scouted the bar, and then visited the alchemy shop. They met a middle eastern looking gentleman, called Al. Al ‘a ‘djinn. They forced him to call Tremayne. He told them not to touch the Weasel. The woke the Weasel up. They very luckily weren’t immediately killed by the God of Rodents. Tremayne arrived. He explained the hitory of Crenshinibon, the Crystal Shard, and how the Eye of Tiros (sought by Orym) and this red shard were parts of it. No doubt the Vecnites intend to use it to summon back Vecna. Orym made Tremayne laugh, so he gifted him 2 points in CHA. He gave out a bunch of potions, and Al upgraded 1 weapon each to +1 status. Turns out Tremayne is one aspect of Ao, the Overgod (the other 2 being a Druid and a Barbarian).

They staked out the bar, but Darvin Falone was onto them. Fortunately Snowy picked up his trail and they followed him into the sewers. They completed 3 puzzles and encountered him entranced by a sigil on the wall. When they broke his eye conatct with it, he died. Sticks took the Sigil. It is the sign of the Lady of Pain, ruler of a plain called Sigil. Weird. They were instructed to rtavel there for more answers on Vecna, and on . Orym received a curious note, and begged his leave of the group for a while, citing family business that needed to be attended to.

The rest of the party prepared to travel to Silverymoon. Journeying north, they came across a village, and observed the funeral of a child. Investigating, it became clear that there was a vampire plaguing the area. Although they uncovered the identity of the revenant (the mayor’s wife, Lady Winddriver), they were too late in exposing the fiend. The mayor committed suicide, and Lady Winddriver escaped. They left, all too eager to leave the company of the local priest Taman Brightwood.

The party travelled through Luskan, not stopping in that foul city. On the roads they encountered another adventuring party who needed a spell of Raise Dead. They helped with spells to assist the party travel faster. They reached Neverwinter, and were greeted by Macavoy, Lord Ortega’s squire. Although Ortega had a small job he hoped they would do (preventing his nephew’s marriage to another werewolf), he said he would put other agents onto it. Resupplied and rested, they made their way east to Silverymoon.

Travelling in the forest, the party encountered a curious clearing, with a ring of stones and inside that, a ring of mushrooms. It was in fact a portal to another dimension, where the players were captured by the ArchFey himself.

And where was Orym this whole time?

He went to follow up another lead on a red shard. It is the Shard of Fortitude. Arriving at the meeting point (the seller said he would sell for 750gp) Orym was attacked by men wearing the colours of House Hump! But he survived thanks to another drow, with violet eyes. As they travelled together, Orym opened up about his quest to find the Eye of Tiros. The older drow, at the end of their travels, gave Orym the Shard of Fortitude, and cautioned Orym that they were involved with forces beyond their comprehension. He seemed sad, and old, and tired. With his panther at his side, he left.

In the court of the ArchFey, it was revealed that something is playing with time and space, altering history as the party makes it. The ArchFey tasks them with delivering a message to Taern Hornblade, the ruler of Silverymoon. Sticks insulted Titania, and the party was posed with a puzzle to escape. They managed to do so, only to encounter a horde of yetis far to the north. They escaped, travelled south to Silverymoon, and escaped an assasination attempt by Lord Hump of Luskan.

Upon meeting with Taern Hornblade, he made it clear that he had met older versions of the party earlier in his life. Most notably, Sticks was missing an eye. The party chose to take the crystals from Taern Hornblade that their older selves had left there, and then travelled to Sigil.

At this point, they realised that there had always been a halfling, and a wizard as part of their party.

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